Make sex better: Put a ring on it

Adult toys are fun, and one of the best sex tips for men is to get one immediately — more specifically, a cock ring. It is the easiest way to spice things up in the bedroom and to try out something new and wild. 

Cock rings are one of the most common toys you can find, and they are an excellent way to increase pleasure. 

What is a cock ring?

The idea behind a cock ring is simple. When you put the ring on, it will prevent blood flow and trap it inside the penis. Naturally, you will place the ring once fully erected. 

Erection is caused by blood flow in the penis. The more blood there is, the harder the erection will be. Using a ring will allow the person to have better erections, and they will be able to last for long since blood won’t be able to leave the penis. The idea behind it is quite simple, which is one of the primary reasons for the popularity of this adult toy. 

Cock rings are often used as a way of treating erectile dysfunction since they can improve erections. 

Benefits of putting a ring on it

The most obvious benefit comes from the whole purpose of cock rings. By preventing blood flow in (and out of) the penis, the wearer will be able to maintain longer erections. That will allow a person to have a better sexual experience and to have more fun with their partner. It is an excellent way to treat some forms of ED.

Naturally, the benefits are also based on the type of toy you decide to buy. You can find vibrating cock rings that will provide even more pleasure and those that are designed for couples. These toys can offer clitoral stimulation besides their standard purpose, and both partners can enjoy using them. 

Greater sex means that you and your partner will be able to improve your sex life, and it is an excellent way to spice things up if you are in a long-term relationship.  

Common types of cock rings

As with any other sex toy you can find, there are plenty of options to choose from. The basic type looks like a regular ring, and it doesn’t offer anything besides its chief purpose we discussed above. These solid cock rings are great for beginners and those that enjoy the traditional approach. 

You can also find rings made of soft silicone or anything that you can stretch, and these are perfect for anyone not willing to try solid or metal cock rings. Of course, we already mentioned vibrating rings, and they are incredible for people looking to stimulate more pleasure points simultaneously. You can also find different toys with attachments that work great for couples as well. 

While each model has a goal of helping you maintain an erection, they can offer so much more. Naturally, it is up to you to find the toy that suits your needs.  

Is it dangerous?

Using sex toys is perfectly safe as long as you follow the rules and tips provided by the manufacturer. 

The first thing on the list to remember is that you shouldn’t wear the ring for too long. It can result in cell damage, and it might even cause permanent problems.

The next thing on the list is size. Having a toy that’s too small can completely cut the blood flow, which is why you should always go for the appropriate size, that is, something that fits just tightly enough. For example, having a ring that’s too big will cause it to fall off without any problems. 

Since toys can be made for various different materials, it is possible that you will need to trim or shave your pubes. Similar to cock cages, pubes can get stuck in the toy, and removing them can be painful. Keep in mind that everything will be easier if you use lube and avoid wearing the ring for more than thirty minutes. 

Cleaning and Storage

Since you will be using the toy on your private parts, always clean the toy before and after each use. Based on the material and type of the toy, you will use the cleaning method recommended by the manufacturer, and you will easily avoid health issues. 

The second important thing to discuss is storing the toy while you are not using it. Yes, you can leave it on the table, but dust and other things floating around your home will end up on it. You need to have proper storage for your sex toys that are far away from sunlight where they will remain clean and safe for use. 

Additional things to take note of

You should try to rush things when buying a sex toy. Your goal is to find a perfect size and material that will be safe for your body and use. There aren’t many things that could ruin the fun, such as having to go to the hospital to remove the ring on the penis. 

So, be sure that you have a fitting ring, and talk to your doctor if anything happens while wearing it. This includes numbness, discoloration, swelling, pain, or other things that you don’t want to see on your penis.