Anime Sex Dolls Are a Dream Come True for Anime Fans

Are you a die-hard anime fan? Well, then you certainly have your favorite Anime damsels. These Anime babes are super gorgeous and extremely enigmatic. It’s hard not to fall for them, especially when you are an Anime fan. As a passionate Anime lover, it’s natural that you have your own list of favorite Anime stunners. Have you ever thought of having sex with an Anime hottie? Now, that’s perfectly normal. We love to get intimate with characters we are fond of. You too might have your fantasy moments of Anime sex and you surely crave to experience them in real life.

Well, the great part is the sex doll industry today is bustling with a wide range of anime sex dolls. They are made after a series of famous Anime characters and sport pronounced realistic features to drive you crazy with a truly phenomenal sexual experience. The post below shares a brief on some of the most popular Anime sex dolls you will find today.

Anime Hatsune Miku Sex doll

This lovely anime doll is designed after Hatsune Miku, the popular Nippon Vocaloid. Her life-like skin feels as smooth as a human skin and her beautiful face will make you fall in love with it in no time. The doll is made from TPE which can be credited for its excellent lifelike feel.

If you are looking for an Anime doll with wholesome bosom, this doll is sure to take your breath away. With soft cups and a fuller hip, this doll is a real stunner. Her height is 5.5” and she sports a gorgeous blue mane. Here are the other few details you might wish to know about the doll-

  • Full Bust- 30.7”
  • Hips- 29.9”
  • Waist- 20.8”
  • Vaginal depth- 6.7”
  • Weight- 65 lbs
  • Anal depth- 6.7”

Anime Doll Sandra

This titian-haired Anime damsel looks as cute as a button. Do you what are the other remarkable features about her? Well, one thing is she is completely made from silicone which makes the doll super-soft, extremely realistic as well as completely body-safe. Silicone dolls are also easier to clean. Another great part is that the doll comes with a wholly articulated body. This means you can position Sandra in whichever way you wish to explore your sexual fantasies with her. In regards to height, she is a short cutie with 5.2” height. Here are the top details about the doll-

  • Full Bust- 35.4”
  • Hips -34.6”
  • Waist- 24.8”
  • Vaginal depth- 7.1”
  • Weight- 72.8 lbs
  • Anal depth- 6.7”

Japanese 148 cm anime sex doll

Are you looking for a mini Anime sex doll yet don’t want to compromise on the quality? Well, in that case, this pretty 148 cm Nippon anime sex doll is just the thing for you. Made from TPE, the doll captivates you with her soft smooth skin while her firm breasts will drive you crazy with passion. From oral to vaginal sex to anal fun- you can do  everything with her. Here are some details about the doll-

  • Full Bust- 20”
  • Hips -33”
  • Waist- 30””
  • Weight- 29 lbs

Yuki Chan

You have a stunning life-sized Anime doll for sex here who is sure to drive you crazy right from her looks only. This beautiful babe sports an extremely soft and squishy body and it would feel just like having a sex with a gorgeous real woman when you would have sex with her. Her blonde tresses look amazing arpund her lovely face and if you have a thing for golden mane, Yuki Chan is the doll for you.  Here are some of the top features about the doll-

  • Full Bust- 33.5 cm
  • Waist- 21.5 cm
  • Weight- around 2500 gms

The doll comes with USB warmer and cleaning kit.

Nagisa Blow-up doll

This leggy beauty is a blow-up doll which means you will have to fill her up with air before playing with her. Now, does that sound dull for you? Well, it’s not exactly as you think. In fact, be rest assured, Nagisa promises you moments of great sexual fun. The coolest part is the doll features a sexy Onahole where you will have to insert your thing while having sex with her. So, it’s not like just pounding the dick into thin air. Here are some top features about the doll:

  • Length- 4.6”
  • Width- 21.3”
  • Onahole width- 3”
  • Onahole length- 6.3”
  • Comes with masturbator slot and lubricant

Angelic Doll

Talk about the cutest of Hentai dolls, and this one is sure to top the list hands down. Her angelic beauty is surreal and you will love every moment you will spend with her. This bundle of cuteness also comes up with a stunning body to color up your intimate nights. Her soft squishy body looks and feels ultra-realistic to step up the big-O game for you. The whole package comes with wig, camisole and face mask. You can use medium-sized onahole with the toy to jack off at your heart’s content. Here are some of the top features about the toy-

  • Weight- around1,200 gms
  • Bust- 55cm
  • Hip- 62 cm
  • Waist – 39 cm
  • Hole size- around 6 cm

So, you have quite a list of anime dolls here. If you want more options to choose from, you can visit lovegasm for more information. These are some of the best in the current and assure unforgettable moments that you will heart forever. It’s advised that you must buy your Hentai sex doll from a reputed adult toy store only. Yes, generic stores tend to sell anime dolls today as well but they can’t be trusted always as they guarantee authentic product. Both silicone and TPE anime dolls would make great choices. However, if you wish to save money, TPE dolls would be a better option compared to silicone ones. It’s advised to use lubes while using a sex doll to make the experience smoother and more enjoyable. Just make sure the lube you use is compatible with the material of your anime fuck doll.